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Thursday, July 13, 2006


Bombay Blasts

Enough is enough. How long will India tolerate killings of its citizens? What started in 1980s in Kashmir has now spread all over India. Terrorists have struck Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Coimbature, Ahmedabad, Varanasi, Ayodhya and many more places. If it were not for the reactionary and weak policies of the Indian government, we would have probably saved thousands of precious lives. But it's not just the fault of the Indian government; it's also the indifference of the general Indian public. When the Hindus were pushed out of Kashmir, there was no outrage in the country. Sure, there were some symbolic gestures like setting up of schools in the migrant camps, concerts by pop stars to raise funds etc. But no one dared to ask how a section of Indian population could be kicked out of their homes by Islamic terrorists. If situation in a part of India could be so bad, would rest of the country be safe? Indians seemed to have reconciled to the situation in Kashmir, like it will solve on its own. They thought of Kashmir like Americans think of Iraq – a remote place with a terrorist problem. But Kashmir is not a remote place. People, including terrorists, can move freely out of Kashmir into India. Only now when the killings have spread to rest of India are people finally waking up to the dangers of terrorism. Even now newspaper articles are filled with articles on how people have moved on. Is it really time to move on? Is it only for the media to ask questions? Why are there no rallies to ask government why it’s not showing any results in it’s war against terror?

So what is the government going to do about it? Not much. People will be rounded up. There will be some prosecutions, indictments and some people may even get sentenced to death. But will that solve the problem? When the source of terrorism lies less than 1000 miles away from the Indian capital, can Indians ever be safe? Supposedly, Mussharaf has had a change of heart and has promised to end the terrorist infrastructure. But it’s been more than 4 years since 9/11 and nothing has changed. If Musharraf is unwilling or incapable of ending the terrorist menace then India has no option but to take matters in its own hands. It’s time to make some tactical strikes against the terrorist camps, keeping in mind that civilian causalities are kept to a minimum. There is no escaping that many innocent people will die, but hasn’t India lost so many innocent lives too. This is what Americans call collateral damage. As soon as someone suggests striking the terrorist camps, fears are raised about war. Let’s think about it. Does India need to fear another war with Pakistan? Why are we spending so much money on defense forces, if we can’t use them when needed? Besides, if India were to strike *only* against the terrorist camps, would Pakistan declare war on India? Would anyone in the world come to their help? Even China would not like to be seen favoring the terrorists. And without external support, it’s doubtful that Pakistan would dare wage war against India. Sure, India would face external pressure to end the strikes and go back to the “peace talks.” But it’s time India stopped acting like world politics is some kind of popularity contest. Every country has the right to protect its citizens and India has been patient for too long.

Now let’s suppose Pakistan did declare war on India. In that case it’s quite possible that it would use the nuclear threat against India. But does anyone truly believe Pakistan would be willing to wage a nuclear war just to save terrorist camps in POK? Even the “trigger happy” generals of Pakistan wouldn’t want to use nuclear weapons and then face the risk of complete annihilation of their country. India has a no-first use policy. What that means is, we won’t use it first, but if you use it, be prepared to get seriously f***ed. But time is running out. People have short memories. Right now, India has the support of the entire world (not counting the “evil” countries). This is the time to do it. Does India have the balls?

Saturday, May 27, 2006


I am back!

I have just recovered from my frozen state (which was induced by hyper dose of laziness and apathy). Lots of interesting things happening in the world and noone to hear me blabber about them, so I thought I should get back to posting. Now let's see what are the issues about which I want to write:
1. Stock markets around the developing world crashed. India was badly hit too...
2. Students around India are agitating against a new quota (reservation/affirmative action) that is being imposed by the Govt. of India.
3. Couple of states in India ban Da Vinci Code, one state bans a Hindi movie called Fanaa.
4. Gore has made a cool movie/documentary about global warming which Bush, of course, won't see.
5. Earthquake hits Indonesia...again. Haven't these people suffered enough already?

Detailed posts to come later...

Thursday, September 01, 2005


Shame on U.S

It's really saddening to see how the situation in New Orleans is unfolding. If this happens in the world's richest and most powerful country then is there any hope for rest of the world? Why is it taking the government this long to at least provide food, water, medicine and blankets to the people? As always, it's the poorest of poor who are suffering.

I hope people who are responsible for this mess are held accountable and brought to justice.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005



So you have been hearing about LAMP and wanna start playing with it. But there's a small problem, you only have Windows on your computer. So what do you do? Simple. You replace Linux with Windows and you are good to go. For beginner's getting the three parts (Apache server, MySQL and PHP) installed and configured correctly can be a bit challenging. But I recently found a cool package called EasyPHP which takes away all the hard work. I installed it on Windows XP and the only thing I had to make it run out of the box was change the port from 80 to something different because I had IIS running on 80.


Monday, August 15, 2005


India Vs. China

Seems like that is what everyone is talking about. BusinessWeek has devoted lot of ink to this topic. I have just started going through the different articles. Will post my views later. Enjoy!!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005



I have started thinking of it as the most important word in the English language. It struck me while reading this blog post called "How to Save the World." It says that to exercise our brains we should (among other things) learn a new language and learn something outside our comfort zone. Isn't that diversification? So, diversifying our knowledge is good for the brain. Now let's see how else diversification is important. Perhaps the most widely known benefit is in the financial world. Almost every personal finance book teaches us to diversify our assets between various classes like stocks, bonds and cash. Not only should be diversify among asset classes but we should also diversify within the classes. What that means is that in our portfolio we should have a number of different stocks and bonds to reduce risk. Hmm... where else is diversification important? Apparently, we should also diversify our exercise routine. I read about this in couple of places but am too lazy to look up the link. It seems like if we follow just one exercise routine our body gets used to it and so the benefits decrease. Interesting, isn't it?
So, do you know of anything else that is more important than diversification?? I hope I have awakened your curiosity and you will look into these benefits and try to "diversify" your life. I know I will...

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Do you yahoo?

Yes I do. But what the hell!!?!?!


India in Time

Just got the current issue of Time in the mail. Was browsing it and there were 3 references of India (haven't read it completely so there might be more). Since I haven't put anything in the blog in a long time, I thought I should share this. One was, of course, about the rains in Mumbai. Second was a statistic which I thought was interesting. Here it is,
"76% of doctors in US believe in God (83% of all Americans do). But compared with the general public, M.D.s are: 26 times as likely to be Hindu, 6 times as likely to be Buddhist, 5 times as likely to be Muslim." Interesting isn't it?

Finally, in the PunchLine section Time had this (taken from Jay Leno's Tonight Show): "This is a huge story. The Service Employees and the Teamsters want to leave AFL-CIO. This is the biggest setback to American workers since the nation of India." LOL!!